Home to Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park

Volcano, Hawaiʻi

The area of Volcano is situated between the elevations of 3000 – 4000 feet on Kīlauea Volcano. Stradling the summit of Kīlauea, Volcano is surrounded by lush rainforest on the windward (eastern) side, and dry forests of the leeward (western) side of the mountain.  While Volcano is home to Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Parks, the park boundaries are enormous, covering large stretches of both Kīlauea and Mauna Loa.

Home to Award Winning Kaʻū Coffee

Kaʻū, Hawaiʻi

The Kaʻū region is producing some of the world’s finest, smoothest coffees and building an impressive reputation. South of the town of Pāhala you will find Punaluʻu Black Sand Beach. Punaluʻu Beach offers wonderful snorkeling, swimming and the opportunity to see honu, or green sea turtles, basking in the sun. The town of Naʻalehu hosts Punaluʻu Bakery where you can find a fine selection of food and their famous malasadas.

Home to the Newest Beaches on Earth

Puna, Hawaiʻi

The district of Puna is the largest single district in the state of Hawaiʻi. On May 3rd, 2018, the ground opened up in the Leilani Subdivision, about 35 miles east of Volcano Village, and began to erupt lava. Whole neighborhoods were obliterated and the coastline was radically changed and extended creating the newest beaches in the world.

Home to Culture and Community

Hilo, Hawaiʻi

Downtown Hilo, 40 minutes north of Volcano, is lush and green, with large parks and a historic district full of interesting shops and small eateries. It is famous for its near-daily rainbows and warm, friendly local culture. Find the Imiloa Astronomy Center, the Mokupāpapa Discovery Center, and The Pacific Tsunami Museum.

Home to Waipiʻo Valley

Hāmākua Coast, Hawaiʻi

For many, crossing the “singing” bridge out of Hilo (which hums when driven over) is the first step on a day of adventures along the dramatic coastline north, on the Historic Hāmākua Corridor. The first stop for many is the impossibly beautiful Akaka Falls located mauka (mountain side) of the town of Honomu which hosts a cafe and a few gift shops. The last stop is Waipiʻo Valley, several miles past the town of Honokaʻa.

Home to World Renowned Astronomy

Maunakea, Hawaiʻi

Maunakea volcano is the tallest mountain on the Earth, about 30,000ft. high as measured from the seabed, and is a fantastic place to stargaze. Because of the remote location of this destination, make sure to top up your gas tank in Hilo before you go. Many of the finest telescopes in the world are situated here, and the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy Visitor Information Center sits about halfway to the summit, at around 9,200ft above sea level.

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