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2018 Eruption

On May 3rd, 2018, the ground opened up in the Leilani Subdivision, about 35 miles east of Volcano Village, and began to erupt lava. The area was evacuated, and the eruption eventually wiped out over 700 homes and left about 2,000 residents homeless and landless. Whole neighborhoods were obliterated and the coastline was radically changed and extended. Several vents would eventually open up along the Lower East Rift Zone of Kīlauea, which is a long fault that runs from the summit of the volcano to the sea and even beyond that, as the bulk of Kīlaua is mostly underwater. Rift Zones are common places for eruptions to occur. When the eruption ended, in August, the Puna District rallied to revitalize its economy.

Pohoiki Beach

Pohoiki, also known as Isaac Hale Beach Park, was the area’s primary boat ramp before the 2018 eruption. Vast lava flows covered roads and cut off access to Pohoiki during the eruption, and many feared the boat ramp and popular beach park would be overrun as well. However, the flows stopped on the literal margins of the beach park and spared it. To the surprise of residents, the boat ramp was instead inundated by brand new black sand, created by the explosion of hot lava as it entered the cool sea. The black sand was so voluminous that it overwhelmed the boat ramp area and continued down the coast to make a new, sparkling, black sand beach. Pohoiki is 45 miles from Volcano Village.
Pohoiki Beach - Pre - Eruption
Ka Lae

Pāhoa Town

The small, funky town of Pāhoa, 32 miles from Volcano Village, was untouched by the 2018 eruption, at least directly, and features several very good restaurants, as well as a natural foods store, and a farmerʻs market on weekends. It is rapidly growing, as the Puna District is the fastest growing region in Hawaiʻi. Vintage, plantation-era buildings house eclectic local shops and the locals are colorful and laid back. Those wishing to support the recovering Puna community can do so by spending their travel dollars in and around Pāhoa.

Shopping & Restaurants

Kaleoʻs Bar & Grill

15-2969 Pahoa Village RD

Pahoa Fresh Fish

15-2670 Pahoa Village RD

Ning’s Thai Cuisine

15-2955 Pahoa RD

Tin Shack Bakery

15-1500 Akeakamami Loop

Paolo’s Bistro

15-2951 Old Government RD

Boogie Woogie Pizza

15-2937 Pahoa Village RD

Malama Market

15-2664 Pahoa Village RD
Hours – 6AM – 10 PM

Island Naturals Pahoa Market and Deli

15-1870 Akeakamai Loop
Hours – 7:30 AM – 7PM

Makuu Farmer’s Market

Hawaiian crafts, plants, produce, jewelry, shells, food and more from 150 vendors.
Location- 15-2131 Keaau-Pahoa Hwy
Hours – Sundays from 8AM – 2 PM

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